Photo: Jason Taylor

Photo: Jason Taylor


2018 Leadership Programme

Progress and Achievements – September 2018

A network is only as strong as its members. Transforming land governance depends on committed, capable, sustainable, and effective local and national organisations. Such organisations are able to make lasting change happen in their societies and communities.

This is why ILC is piloting a leadership programme as part of its network building in 2018 in  Africa, Asia, and LAC  to support members in strengthening and renewing their organisational and leadership capacities. The pilots have addressed the expertise and capacity to innovate of leaders, the context in which they operate, and their strategies, their networks, and the wider communities they interact with. The response from ILC members has been enormous. Women, youth, and grassroots organisations are at the core of this programme of exchange, collaboration, and peer-to-peer learning, which has already benefited 60 people (more than half of them women) from 30 ILC member organisations in 17 countries (and one global member) this year.

Leadership is multi-faceted, and so are the first results:

  • Relationships have been consolidated with members who have expertise in capacity development: Maliasili (Africa), AFA/Pakisama (Asia), and Procasur (LAC), who took the lead as facilitators in each region.

  • An incipient community of support and practice has taken shape (support/learning groups formed in each region).

  • Members have reported adopting new practices, e.g. techniques and tools for ensuring effective communication and trust and results-based management.

  • Knowledge/learning products: one participatory organisational assessment methodology, one organisational evaluation survey, one survey on capacity development needs, and two leadership programme curricula.