Network Growth

Photo: Michael Benanav

Photo: Michael Benanav


A Growing Network of Land Rights Leaders

In 2018, the ILC network grew to 255 members in 77 countries,  increase the diversity of the ILC network, most importantly of members directly representing land users such as family farmers, Indigenous Peoples, and women.

Representatives of some of the new ILC member organisations spoke about their reasons for joining the network and what they hope to achieve in the future:

We are delighted to be a part of the ILC family and look forward to a mutual learning and sharing process with regional and global members who work on land issues, and to engaging with policy dialogues to ensure a just, equitable, and inclusive world in which land rights are secure and poverty is eradicated.
— Shilpa Vasavada, WGWLO, India
We will do our level best to contribute to the realisation of ILC’s mission and strategic objectives. We are confident that our many years of research and development experience in Ethiopia, Sudan, and recently in South Sudan will be a useful contribution in furthering the mission of ILC.
— Feyera Abdi, SOS Sahel
For some years now, we have been following the work of ILC for a more just and equitable world in which rights to land and territory are upheld. We hope that our engagement with ILC can contribute to this mission, and at the same time make us stronger and better by networking alongside the membership.
— José Aylwin, Observatorio Ciudadano Universidad Austral de Chile
It is our honour for SEEDS to be part of the ILC family, and we are sure that this membership will bring benefits to the communities that we serve.
— Raed Gharib, SEEDS, Jordan
Our slogan ‘Save the pastures for future generations’ is complementary to ILC’s vision, so we are sure that this membership is one of the best decisions we have made for our Association and all pasture users in Kyrgyzstan. It is very symbolic to become an ILC member in the same year that the Global Land Forum and Assembly of Members take place.
— Elvira Maratova, GRATA International, Kyrgyzstan